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05 July 2009 @ 10:34 pm

I havent been on livejournal in so long so I was kinda scrolling down & checking out what I wrote about...mostly Twilight...so I figured I would write what I actually ended up thinking about the movie.

I THOUGHT IT WAS HORRIBLE.  I mean, seriously?! the trailer looked so amazing..but then when I went to the movies to see it I was like WTF. the emotionless acting, the corny script, edward's creepiness just kinda made me wanna never see it again. I bought it anyways simply because...IDK Y!! I watched it again, and it sucked...Ever watch a totally crappy movie several times for no apparent reason? im weird.

OH well, maybe New Moon will be better. We shall see...but with Dakota Fanning (wtf), I doubt it.
Star Trek (awesome)
UP (yayayay=D)
The Hangover (twice..so hilarious)
The Proposal (hilarious)
Transformers 2 (awesome)
Ummmmm..thats all I can think of...wow, I really suck at posting now:(